Zecrey’s Yearly Brief Summary 2022

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7 min readJan 19, 2023

The year 2022 has been an eventful and productive one for Zecrey as we achieved considerable progress in our mission to lower the entry barriers to blockchain. Zecrey’s focus on accessibility, scalability and privacy, through leading zk-Rollup technology and pioneering products, was the key to thriving through the tough 2022 and contributing to a vibrant blockchain ecosystem in the following 2023 and beyond. Let’s take a look back on Zecrey’s extraordinary year-long adventure and prepare for tremendous growth in 2023!

Groundbreaking Product Launch of Zero & Legend

The beginning and end of 2022 respectively marked the two product milestones of Zecrey: the testnet launch of Zecrey Zero and Zecrey Legend, our two native L2s. This meaningful coincidence has endowed Zecrey’s 2022 with the theme of “making Legend from Zero”, exemplified by the team’s endeavors and achievements.

We kicked off the year by launching the one-month Zecrey Zero Testnet, which ran from December 31st, 2021 to January 31st, 2022. In the all-in-one wallet extension, users could manage multi-chain assets in L1 wallet, and perform swaps and cross-chain payments with privacy protection in L2. Zero Testnet witnessed over 68,000 activated accounts on the L2 and approximately 494,000 transactions during the month of its debut.

In March, Zecrey completed the extension wallet audit by SlowMist, which helped to ensure the security and reliability of our product for users. On March 23rd, Zecrey’s Layer 1 mainnet featuring multi-chain assets management went live on our in-browser extension, which supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Aurora, Cronos and NEAR.

In mid-September, Zecrey introduced the overall architecture of Zecrey L2s: Legend & Zero. Zecrey Zero is our Layer 2 with privacy features by default, and Zecrey Legend is the basis of the first L2 NFT marketplace on BNB Chain and also an NFT engine for Web 3 games.

And the team at Zecrey has made significant contributions to BNB Chain’s official scaling solution zkBNB, which was open-sourced in cooperation with the BNB Chain team.

As the year comes to a close, Zecrey reached the milestone of Legend Testnet. After Legend Pre-Testnet for a selected batch of users to gain early access in November, we launched the first phase of Legend Public Testnet from December 3rd, 2022 to January 3rd, 2023, which registered over 48,000 L2 accounts and received a significant amount of valuable feedback.

Financing Milestones and Accolades

The year 2022 has marked Zecrey’s two rounds of important financing by the leading players in the crypto field, as well as a winning streak in various hackathons. Zecrey will continue pushing the boundaries of zk-Rollup technology and bring innovative solutions thanks to the support and trust of our investors and partners.

In March, Zecrey announced that it raised four million dollars in the angel round of financing jointly led by Spartan Group & Shima Capital.

On May 17th, 2022, Zecrey embarked on a new chapter with a $6M strategic investment and partnership with Binance Labs, and started to develop the very first zk-Rollup-based network on the BNB Chain with BNB team. With this partnership, Zecrey has become better positioned to build a turn-key, scalable solution with zkRollup technology to provide a first-class user experience on BNB Chain and for all blockchain users at large.

In addition, as an outstanding startup project, Zecrey has gained kudos in multiple hackathons and grant programs, including gaining recognition by making it to the top five MVBIV star projects nominated by BNB Chain for the month of January, winning the first place of Innovative Infra in Revelation Hackathon in May, and getting the third prize in the Cronos Chain Hackathon for the Other Web3 Track.

Cooperation with Top-notch Industry Partners

In addition to our cooperation with the BNB team to implement our zk-Rollup technology as the underlying layer of zkBNB, our partnership has flourished over the past year with a succession of excellent projects.

On January 25th, Zecrey integrated Chainlink’s Price Feeds for a more accurate balance display and secure prices when using the L2 private AMM swap and APR function.

In March, Zecrey announced the partnership with Avstar Capital. And in June, we announced partnerships with AirLyft, BetaMars, and YIN Finance, which helps us to further expand the reach in the domains of defi, metaverse, and crypto community. On December 16th, Zecrey announced the partnership with Quest3 as a further step toward adopting the community-friendly quest platform.

We have enjoyed working with our distinguished partners to create a more robust crypto ecosystem, and we look forward to our collaboration in the future to bring Web3 to mass adoption with our joint effort!

Significant Advances in Community Engagement

The past year has seen a rapid expansion of our community, with users of the Discord server increasing from 7k to 83k and Twitter followers from 17k to 82k. To promote community engagement and brand awareness, we actively organized and participated in a variety of events, ranging from AMA with a constellation of crypto projects, ventures, media and communities such as BNB Chain Community, BSC News, Kommunitas Community, Solv Protocol, Avstar Capital, Yin Finance and Betamars, to engaging events on Galxe and Quest3 platforms, as well as a series of Zecrey community activities and programs.

As one of the early invited projects and the partner of Quest3, Zecrey held events on Quest3 Adventure Campaign with more than 5,000 questers in July and we designed Legend Testnet Phase I Event to distribute Genesis NFT whitelist. On Galxe, we arranged a series of events with our elaborate limited edition OATs, the most popular of which include Zecrey Legend Public Testnet Phase I and Christmas Event. Thanks to all event organizers and platforms for the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation and create valuable connections with a large crypto user base.

And within Zecrey community, the first cohort of 151 Zecrey Ambassadors was selected from over 35.2K applicants in our Zecrey Ambassador Program which ran from January to June. They have effectively raised awareness of our brand and strengthened connections within the global community.

In our NFT Design Contest released on March 10th, 182 pieces of intriguing artwork were submitted based on the prototype of Zecrey Lizard people, and the community voted for 5 winners to be rewarded with Zecrey official NFTs in their very own design. Another noteworthy fact is that Zecrey had conducted ten Discord Community Calls in total over the course of 2022, with audience size increasing from a few hundred to over three thousand per call. The community calls have helped to boost our interaction with the community and give users a chance to learn more about Zecrey’s progress toward various milestones.

One of Zecrey’s highlight moments occurred in the eventful month of October, when we took part in significant global crypto conferences and cohosted several offline events. Our co-founder Gavin made a keynote speech of “Zecrey: A Deep-Dive into a Layer2 Game Studio” at SmartCon 2022 in NYC, sharing Zecrey’s vision of building a zkBNB Layer 2 for NFT and web3 games. Our team has also participated in Token2049 in Singapore and cohosted a side event with CertiK and DoraHacks. Zecrey also cohosted a private rooftop cocktail party with DoraHacks, Shima Capital, Innoco, Propel, Quest3, and OP Crypto in Bogota’s Devcon.

Additionally, Zecrey newsletter has been up and running since October, and our official newsletters will be issued to all subscribers, providing them with regular updates on Zecrey’s progress. In December, Zecrey Podcast is officially online, where we invite special guests from the industry to share their latest projects, secret lifehacks and discuss the latest affairs in the web3 world.

In conclusion, 2022 has been a monumental year for Zecrey as we forged some of the most important partnerships in our history, made significant product launches and iterations, and built our community into a sizable vibrant family. And all this would not have been possible without each and every one of our team, investors, partners, product users, and community members. Thank you all for your support throughout this journey to forge a promising future.

Zecrey is well-positioned to take on challenges, push boundaries, and engage in collaborative endeavors with our partners as we move into the year 2023. We look forward to bringing more cutting-edge products that will make a meaningful impact in the blockchain world and advance our mission of crypto’s mass adoption.

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