Zecrey Protocol Public Testnet is live now!

Zecrey Protocol
4 min readJan 1, 2022


After several months of development, test and iteration, we are excited to announce Zecrey Public Testnet is live from now on. Zecrey offers users smooth transaction experience with cutting-edge privacy protection and cross-chain bridge technology. Before you try it out, we will walk you through the introduction and usage manual to deliver a friendly experience. And don’t forget to fill in your feedback after testing Zecrey so that we can consistently improve our product and protect your privacy in the cypto space.


Zecrey is a L2 privacy protocol based on zk-rollup, which can bring cross-chain privacy to the multi chain ecology, to alleviate the dilemma of privacy protection and ecological isolation in crypto world. Zecrey’s mission is to bring cross-chain privacy to digital assets.

Zecrey is an all-in-one crypto wallet featuring two layers. Users could manage multi-chain assets in L1 wallet, and make cross-chain transactions with privacy protection in L2.

Zecrey privacy cross-chain solution has two core functionalities: privacy cross-chain bridge and cross-chain asset swap. With Zecrey wallet, users can access privacy protection services for their assets and transactions, perform swaps and cross-chain payments efficiently.

Public Testnet supports the following features

  • Multi-chain assets management in L1 wallet
  • Transactions with privacy protection in L2
  • Lock & Unlock multi-chain assets to get rewards
  • Make private swap and add/remove liquidity in L2 AMM DEX
  • Transfer assets between L1 and L2 through Deposit & Withdraw

Guide to use Zecrey Wallet

Install the extension (Google Chrome recommended)

Create your new wallet account

  • Set account password (at least eight digits) and backup seed phrase carefully.

Multi-chain assets management

  • Multi-chain assets could be managed in Zecrey wallet. And assets could be sorted by chain network or token type.

L1 Transfer

  • You could make transfers to any L1 address compatible with Zecrey wallet.


  • In L1 wallet, users could deposit assets into another L2 account, whether it is your own or other people’s L2 account.

Lock Assets

  • Select an asset to lock and you will get rewards.

L2 Transfer

  • You can make one to many transfer in L2 with the transaction information encrypted.

Private Swap

  • Make a cross-chain private swap on L2.

Add Liquidity

  • Add liquidity as you do in Uniswap, and Zecrey realizes this function in plug-in wallet.


  • You can unlock assets to circulate your tokens, and the unlocked assets will be released to L2 wallet.


  • You can withdraw your assets from L2 to any L1 address compatible with Zecrey wallet.

For detailed instructions to experience the funcitons, please read Zecrey Handbook. If you encounter any problems in testing, come to our Discord and Telegram community and chat with us at any time.

Product Feedback

The public test will last until Jan 31st, EDT 22:00, 2022. During public testnet period, you can submit the feedback form to give using experience and suggestions about the product. Your feedbacks will help us improve!

Provide suggestions through here ⬇️


Useful Resources

Welcome to join Zecrey community!

Official website: https://www.zecrey.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zecreyprotocol


Telegram: https://t.me/zecrey

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/U98ghQsJE5

Docs: https://docs.zecrey.com