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4 min readNov 18, 2022

It has been an exciting few months for Zecrey. The team at Zecrey has been working closely with the BNB Chain team to jointly develop zkBNB, which is an open-source zk-rollup scaling solution on BNB Chain. And the first zkBNB network will be released by the Zecrey team, called Zecrey Legend.

Our team also had the opportunity to present a keynote speech at #SmartCon2022. We outlined our innovative Layer 2 NFT engine for games in the Web3 space and foreshadowed the release of the long-awaited Zecrey Legend testnet!

Why join Zecrey Legend pre-testnet

In preparation for Legend’s official public testnet, the team has prepared a pre-testnet version for a selected batch of users to gain early access. To show our appreciation for the selected set of users and their valuable feedback, they will receive a Zecrey Legend Genesis NFT. More details about this series will be announced soon.

We will select 100 users for invitations from the application result. The pre-testnet version will require an invitation code to activate the app. We’ll send this code by email later. And in terms of the selection criteria here, we will consider the following factors:

  • Diversification of the Android Mobile Phone (note that Android only)
  • Community engagement
  • Motivation to join the testnet

What is Zecrey Legend Testnet

Zecrey Legend is the Layer 2 solution built on BNB Chain using zk-rollup and is designed with NFT in mind. Through our custom zk-rollup tech, Legend boasts cutting-edge speed and low transaction costs without compromising security.

The upcoming testnet for Legend includes a suite of products from Zecrey, including our L1 wallet and Legend L2 wallet with its built-in NFT Marketplace. In the initial phase of Legend’s testnet, it will be available on Android. The iOS version will be delayed due to Apple’s recent new App Store policy in relation to NFTs.

In our next phase of Legend’s testnet, we will release the Web App and browser Extension version of Legend. Join our discord and Twitter community to stay up to date with the latest info about our testnet!

How to Apply for the Whitelist

Register here. NOTE that this is a closed beta version for ANDROID mobile users only. Applications close at 1:00 pm, 21st Nov UTC. We will notify all selected participants within one day via email with their invitation codes and other details, e.g. Download link and instructions. If you don’t receive an invitation code, don’t worry, our upcoming Legend public testnet is just around the corner.

How to Test

If you have been notified via email with the invitation code for the closed testnet, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Download and install the Zecrey APK file via the link in the email with the invitation code.
  • Step 2: Claim BNB test tokens on BNB Chain Faucet with your Zecrey wallet.
  • Step 3: You are now good to go!

The following is a list of Zecrey functions if you don’t know where to start : )

Scope for Test

1) Module One: Zecrey L1 wallet

  • Multi-chain asset management: view and manage multi-chain assets in one place
  • Transfer: transfer tokens to another L1 address
  • Deposit: deposit tokens into L2 account
  • NFT display: view the NFT and set it as your avatar
  • NFT Transfer: transfer the NFT to another L1 address
  • NFT Deposit: deposit the NFT into L2 account

2) Module Two: Zecrey L2-Legend wallet

  • L2 Account Activation: register your L2 account with short-domain name address
  • Transfer: transfer tokens to another L2 address
  • Swap: exchange one type of token for another one
  • Add & Remove Liquidity: provide liquidity in the DEX to earn rewards
  • Withdraw: withdraw tokens to L1 account

3) Module Three: Zecrey NFT Marketplace

  • Explore NFTs: view, search for and filter the NFTs in the marketplace
  • Mint NFT: create your own NFT and NFT collection
  • Buy NFT: make an offer or directly buy an NFT
  • Sell NFT: sell your NFT or accept an offer
  • Transfer NFT: transfer the NFT to another L2 address
  • Withdraw NFT: withdraw the NFT to L1 account

A user can mint an NFT in Legend’s L2 NFT Marketplace and have the option to withdraw it to L1. In order to facilitate transactions on Legend’s wallet and NFT Marketplace, you will need to deposit BNB token to L2 to be used as gas fee. A detailed handbook will be released before the testnet:

Timetable of pre-testnet

The pre-testnet will start around 1:00 pm, 22th Nov 2022, and last for one week[End at 1:00 pm, 29th, Nov 2022], and after that, the official public testnet will be open to everyone. And more details about the public testnet for Zecrey Legend will be released when the pre- testnet is done.

Send your Feedback

If you notice any bugs or have suggestions, please use the Support & Feedback function in the app to share them directly with the team. We will compile your feedback after this phase of the testnet and integrate relevant adjustments. In addition, we’ll set up a private Discord channel for participants of the closed testnet to communicate with the team.

See you at our Discord and Telegram to chat about the upcoming Legend Testnet with our team and the rest of the Zecrey community!

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