Join the Zecrey Ambassador Program

What is the Zecrey Ambassadors Program?

  • Interest in contributing to promotion and community building of Zecrey
  • Expertise in and passion for blockchain and crypto technology
  • Experience in social media & community management, such as making videos, crafting articles, hosting events, translating, etc.
  • Enhancing Zecrey protocol influence on social media (Twitter/Telegram/Medium/YouTube)
  • Generating Zecrey protocol posts and sharing to the related communities
  • Planning online campaigns and events to boost the Zecrey brand
  • Exploring potential strategic partnerships with projects or individuals
  • Creating videos, blogs, gifs, memes, viral songs or you name it for Zecrey
  • Writing articles about Zecrey Network’s underlying technology and its use in layer2 ecosystem
  • Translating Zecrey articles, handbook, posts and other information into another language.
  • Being a part of the larger community of blockchain enthusiasts and being a key contributor to the Zecrey ecosystem
  • Priority access to more information about Zecrey’s moves and campaigns
  • Recognition and special roles in Zecrey channels
  • Extra bonus in further activities and much more

How to apply?

  1. Fill in the form here: Apply for Zecrey Ambassador (



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