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2 min readJan 14, 2022


As the saying goes many hands make light work, we’d like to thank you all for your strongest support all the time because we firmly believe that no single idea, even the best ones, would come to its fruition without a solid community. Bear this thought in mind, we are here to introduce you to the Zecrey Ambassador Program.

What is the Zecrey Ambassadors Program?

Zecrey Ambassador program is for our supporters and users who could potentially provide support to our ever-growing community!

Our vision is to make Zecrey community a place for crypto technology communication and innovative thinking. Zecrey will work as a solid privacy guard and excellent cross-chain solution for users in crypto space. The Zecrey Ambassadors program is a way for crypto influencers & enthusiasts alike to join an extensive program for promoting the project. We invite you to become a Zecrey Ambassador and help share the value of privacy and cross-chain for a better crypto world. As long as you believe that you might have something you can contribute to building a better Zecrey ecosystem, it’s your show time!

We expect you to have:

  • Interest in contributing to promotion and community building of Zecrey
  • Expertise in and passion for blockchain and crypto technology
  • Experience in social media & community management, such as making videos, crafting articles, hosting events, translating, etc.

The Zecrey Ambassadors program includes but is not limited to two main roles:

A. Social media Influencer

  • Enhancing Zecrey protocol influence on social media (Twitter/Telegram/Medium/YouTube)
  • Generating Zecrey protocol posts and sharing to the related communities
  • Planning online campaigns and events to boost the Zecrey brand
  • Exploring potential strategic partnerships with projects or individuals

B. Content Creator

  • Creating videos, blogs, gifs, memes, viral songs or you name it for Zecrey
  • Writing articles about Zecrey Network’s underlying technology and its use in layer2 ecosystem
  • Translating Zecrey articles, handbook, posts and other information into another language.

Why should you join the program?

Ambassadors will get the following benefits:

  • Being a part of the larger community of blockchain enthusiasts and being a key contributor to the Zecrey ecosystem
  • Priority access to more information about Zecrey’s moves and campaigns
  • Recognition and special roles in Zecrey channels
  • Extra bonus in further activities and much more

How to apply?

  1. Fill in the form here: Apply for Zecrey Ambassador (

2. Once we received your response, your application will be under review by our core team members.

3. After the reviewing process, qualified individuals will be contacted directly through email.

We are immensely grateful for having the opportunity to get acquainted with you and hopefully together we can make Zecrey more vibrant than ever.