Zecrey: Cutting Edge Holistic Privacy based cross-chain protocol raises $4 million in an angel round of financing

Zecrey is a layer 2 cross-chain protocol rooted in zkRollup with cutting edge privacy features has completed its angel round of financing. The fund raise was jointly led by Spartan Group & Shima Capital with contributions from Fundamental Labs, Fenbushi Capital, Amber Group, Avalanche Asia Star Fund (Avatar), CMT Digital Group, SevenX, D1 Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Pluto Capital, Youbi Capital, Avstar, Mulana, Mapleblock, Nagi Hamiyeh, and Bruno Porto.

The funds will contribute towards Zecrey’s expansion of the development team, marketing and branding, and blockchain collaboration.

Zecrey brings to the blockchain community a simple to use yet highly efficient cross-chain protocol based on zkRollup which includes the aggregation and management of digital assets from different public chain ecosystems (Ethereum, Near, Solana, BNB Chain etc). Lightning fast transaction confirmations at a fraction of the fee compared to traditional systems while keeping transactions private is the name of the game. Manage, exchange and bridge digital assets from multiple chains with Zecrey.

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Next generation Web3 Crosschain Wallet. https://www.zecrey.com/

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Zecrey Protocol

Zecrey Protocol

Next generation Web3 Crosschain Wallet. https://www.zecrey.com/

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