Zecrey’s 1st Essay Contest is coming


Subjects for Reference

  1. Interpretation of Zecrey’s White Paper.
  2. Project analysis, features, and advantages of Zecrey.
  3. Visualization of Zecrey ecology and future development.
  4. New explorations of Zecrey community construction.

Selection Criteria

  1. Originality
  2. Innovation
  3. Content quality
  4. Topic relevance
  5. Depth of understanding of Zecrey Protocol


  • 1st place winner: 500 USDT x 1
  • 2nd place winner: 300 USDT x 1
  • 3rd place winner: 200 USDT x1


How to Participate

  1. Follow @zecreyprotocol on Twitter, join the Zecrey Protocol Discord and Telegram.
  2. Comment under the competition tweet announcing the competition with your article link, e.g. Medium or other platform’s link and anything you want to say.
  3. Tag three friends and add #ZecreyCrosschainBridge #ZecreyWallet.

Useful Materials

About Zecrey Protocol



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