Zecrey Legend Testnet Phase 1 is now LIVE!

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6 min readDec 3, 2022


Zecrey Legend Public Testnet Phase 1 is LIVE

The team at Zecrey is proud to announce that the testnet for Zecrey Legend is up and running at 1:00 PM UTC, December 3rd. In multiple phases, we will release it across various platforms, including iOS, Android, Web Applications, and a Browser Extension.

Users can claim testnet tokens via the BNB Chain Testnet Faucet to access the full suite of products from the Zecrey Protocol, including our Layer 1 Wallet, Zecrey Legend on Layer 2, and the Zecrey NFT Marketplace!

Zecrey Legend debuts the very first L2 NFT Marketplace on BNB Chain

The Zecrey Protocol is a zk-rollup-based layer 2 solution featuring privacy and scalability. Our core products are comprised of Zecrey Zero, which focuses on privacy, and Zecrey Legend, which emphasizes scalability and NFT-related primitives, including an NFT Marketplace built on top of Layer 2.

Zecrey brings to the wider blockchain community a crisp and intuitive UI with an underlying infrastructure that safeguards user’s ownership of their assets with security that is as secure as the underlying layer 1 network.

Zecrey Legend heralds a significant milestone for the team at Zecrey. We are able to leverage our advanced zk-rollup technology and a strategic partnership with Binance to bring users of the BNB Chain a superb NFT experience across Games, Metaverse, Digital Art, and so forth. Transactions on Legend are boosted with lightning-fast speed, low even zero gas, solid security, and a seamless user experience.

The difference from the previous testnet

Zecrey has two different Layer 2s, namely Zecrey Zero and Zecrey Legend. The previous testnet was about Zecrey Zero, and the product we released was a browser extension, finished by January 31st, 2022.

Zecrey Legend testnet provides several products like a mobile app, web app, and extension with an updated UI design. Our L1 mainnet has gone live since March 2022 and will not be affected by the new testnet.

Both Zecrey Zero and Legend are Layer 2s powered by our zk-Rollup technology with high scalability and solid security. While Zecrey Zero is our Layer 2 with privacy features by default, and Zecrey Legend is the basis of the first Layer 2 NFT marketplace on BNB Chain. It also serves as an NFT engine for Web 3 games.

In brief, there are several bullet points to summarize the two different Layer 2s:

Zecrey Zero:

  • Millisecond-level transaction speed
  • Ultra-low gas fee
  • Same security level as underlying L1
  • Built-in DEX
  • Default privacy protection for all transactions
  • FT functions supported

Zecrey Legend:

  • Millisecond-level transaction speed
  • Ultra-low gas fee
  • Same security level as underlying L1
  • Built-in DEX
  • Built-in NFT Marketplace
  • Both FT and NFT functions supported

What to Expect in Legend Testnet

Zecrey Legend testnet will unfold step by step as we launch different products.

For the first phase of this testnet, we will launch Zecrey mobile app. For Android users, we will provide the download link of the Zecrey Android application on our official website on December 3rd. The launch time will be delayed for iOS users since App Store has recently released a restrictive policy on applications with NFT functions. We will keep working on the iOS mobile app and share the newest updates with our community.

Besides the mobile application, Zecrey will also launch the web applications and the new version of our browser extension as part of Legend testnet in Q4 2022.

Here’s a brief introduction to the full set of Zecrey products to be launched for various usage scenarios:

  • Zecrey Mobile APP, which includes an L1 wallet, L2-Legend wallet, and Zecrey NFT Marketplace. The mobile app contains Zecrey’s complete functions, and both iOS and Android systems will be supported. And users need to import or create an account to use the wallet.
  • Zecrey Extension, which includes L1 wallet and L2-Legend wallet. It is a convenient way to use Zecrey wallet and interact with Dapp in the browser. Users need to import or create an account to use the wallet.
  • Zecrey Web App (NFT Marketplace), where users can enjoy the world of NFTs more conveniently on the webpage. Users need to connect to an in-browser wallet extension (Zecrey or Metamask) before operation.
  • Zecrey Web App (Legend), where users can experience better interaction on the webpage. More Defi options including Staking and Farming will be added in the future. Users need to connect to an in-browser wallet extension (Zecrey or Metamask) before operation.

How to Participate in Testnet

First, download Zecrey mobile app from our official website, and follow the tutorial to create a new wallet account or import an account. Before testing, you also need to claim some testnet BNB tokens from the official faucet website: https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart

For the detailed tutorial, please visit Zecrey Handbook, where we maintain the step-by-step guide.

Now, you are ready to go!

Zecrey L1 wallet

  • Multi-chain asset management: view and manage multi-chain assets in one place
  • Transfer: transfer tokens to another L1 address
  • Deposit: deposit tokens into L2 account
  • NFT display: view the details of L1 NFT asset
  • NFT Transfer: transfer the NFT to another L1 address
  • NFT Deposit: deposit the NFT into L2 account

Zecrey L2-Legend wallet

  • L2 Account Activation: register your L2 account with short-domain name address
  • Transfer: transfer tokens to another L2 address
  • Swap: exchange one type of token for another one
  • Add & Remove Liquidity: provide liquidity in the DEX to earn rewards
  • Withdraw: withdraw tokens to L1 account

Zecrey NFT Marketplace

  • Explore NFTs: view, search for and filter the NFTs in the marketplace
  • Mint NFT: create your own NFT and NFT collection
  • Buy NFT: make an offer or directly buy an NFT
  • Sell NFT: sell your NFT or accept an offer
  • Transfer NFT: transfer the NFT to another L2 address
  • Withdraw NFT: withdraw the NFT to L1 account

Basic information for testnet

Phase 1: Zecrey Mobile App on Android

  • Duration: 1:00pm UTC, 3rd Dec, 2022 to 1:00pm UTC, 3rd Jan, 2023

Phase 2: TBA

What rewards have we prepared for this event

To celebrate this new testnet, we have prepared the OATs for all participants. And we also have created a quest in Quest 3 Platform.

We also prepared the Genesis NFT with a total supply of 20,000. And we are going to allocate some of the NFTs to participants of Zecrey Legend Testnet.

For each phase, we’ll give away up to 5,000 NFTs by selecting from the qualified participants randomly.

The detailed rules below:

  • The number of participants reaches 10,000: 1,000 NFTs will be given away
  • The number of participants reaches 20,000: 2,000 NFTs will be given away
  • The number of participants reaches 30,000: 3,000 NFTs will be given away
  • The number of participants reaches 40,000: 4,000 NFTs will be given away
  • The number of participants reaches 50,000 and above: 5,000 NFTs will be given away

The Legend Genesis NFTs will be minted on Zecrey Legend, the native Layer 2 NFT Marketplace when mainnet launches.

How to Give Feedback

If you have bugs to report or any suggestions for Zecrey, don’t hesitate to contact us in any of the following ways:

  • Click Profile -> Support & Feedback in our mobile app to fill in your feedback
  • Send your suggestions to the Open Forum on our Discord server
  • Open a ticket in our Ticket Channel where you can reach out to our support team for help

Look forward to receiving your valuable suggestions and user experience about the testnet so we can provide better Zecrey products for our users!

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