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4 min readOct 25, 2022
Zecrey Legend

Scalability has been a forefront problem for most blockchain projects. As computational complexity increases on the main blockchain, user experience and the entire ecosystem suffers as the network becomes clogged up. This usually translates to expensive and low transaction speeds.

As a result of times of increased demand, transaction fees can rise to the point where the work becomes inaccessible to some people. Ethereum gas fee is a perfect case in point with the number of transactions per second (TPS) being limited, the Ethereum network will struggle to scale without sacrificing security.

​​The current reality is that the scalability of blockchains is limited. This is where our solution to address scalability in the blockchain comes into play: The ZK-rollup-based Layer 2 Solution.

What is ZK-rollup?

Let us first understand what are rollups.

Rollup is a technology that scales the TPS capacity of the network by bundling compressed off-chain transactions into a single order on the Layer 1 network where the rollup is being implemented. As a result, the Layer 2 solution can perform computational complex operations seamlessly.

There exist two types of Rollups:

  • Optimistic Rollups
  • Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZK-rollups)

Optimistic Rollups do not validate transactions and assume all transactions are valid and post them to the base layer without verification. However, there is a one-week waiting period for transactions to be confirmed so that invalid transactions can be contested.

On the other side of the spectrum, ZK-rollups create a cryptographic proof as validation and post it to the main chain. The bundled transactions take roughly 10 minutes to be confirmed on Ethereum.

Compared to Optimistic Rollups, ZK-rollups have a significant edge when it comes to empowering a faster and more scalable ecosystem. The one-week waiting period for transactions to be finalized on Optimistic Rollups can be a significant point of detraction for new users in the space, particularly for NFT marketplaces and web3 games.

ZK-rollup is the ideal solution for the space, providing higher throughput and cheaper transaction fees. By utilizing ZK-rollups, web3 games can significantly increase transaction speed, lower transaction costs for users, avoid network congestion, and reap the benefits from the battle-tested security of multiple chains.

Why do ZK-rollups Layer 2 Solutions Matter for the Web3 NFT Games?

NFT gaming is set to garner major traction in the web3 space.

Multiple studies have shown that gamers spend billions of dollars every year on in-game items even though they do not truly own digital assets. Players commit valuable time, money, and effort to playing countless games without expecting or having the ability to extract real-world value.

Now imagine a scenario where gamers can own the assets and monetize across NFT marketplaces or trade them for other assets.

Through Zecrey Legend, a layer 2 platform that was tailor-made to enable NFT functions for games on the BNB chain, you will be able to launch your web3 game with the support of NFT issuance and marketplace.

Users will be able to exchange items, monetize their digital assets, and trade with another player instantly for a seamless user experience.

What is Zecrey Legend?

Zecrey Legend is a ZK-rollups-based Layer 2 NFT Marketplace on top of the BNB chain. We have created an NFT marketplace on BNB with world-class UI/UX and a solid cryptographic scheme.

The team at Zecrey believes that our users and developers should not have to choose between security and network efficiency. Through Zecrey Legend, we are creating a world-class experience for both users and developers to experience and take advantage of our features, UI/UX, and API/SDK to easily build projects on our platform.

Zecrey legend enables instant trading, scalability, and immaterial gas fees for minting and trading without compromising the user or asset’s security. We utilize ZK-rollups to ensure highly secure, fast, and affordable NFT transactions.

Through leveraging the features of Zecrey Legend, users can operate NFTs in low gas (even zero gas) in the layer 2 network and withdraw the layer 2 NFT to the underlying layer 1 network. Royalties can be set by NFT artists to further incentivize creative flair.

Developers can benefit from Zecrey Legend’s features through convenient SDK/API to integrate their projects and build NFT-based games, Metaverses, and so forth.

What are the key features of Zecrey Legend?

Zecrey Legend is a scalable Layer 2 NFT marketplace to be built to date. A superb user experience without compromising on security is what can be expected from the platform. Below are four key features of Zecrey Legend that sets it apart from its competitors:

1. NFT Engine for Web 3 Games

Zecrey Legend is a Layer 2 protocol built for NFT interactions with Web 3 Games in mind.

2. Highly Scalable NFT Platform

It is the first ZK-rollups-based NFT Marketplace on the BNB chain, enabling thousands of TPS.

3. Secure, Instant, and Reliable

Security is rooted in the underlying Layer 1 of the BNB Chain while offering faster transaction confirmation and reliability.

4. Designed for Developers

With simple and easy-to-use API/SDK, developers can integrate NFTs into their system in minutes.

Compared to other platforms, Zecrey Legend can be counted on for:

  • High Scalability
  • Instant transaction confirmation
  • World-class UX
  • No compromise on user security
  • Thousands of transactions per second

By building Zecrey Legend through ZK-rollups-based layer 2 technology, we offer scalability to users as well as developers without compromising on the security of the network or their assets.

Join us here:

Official Website: https://www.zecrey.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zecreyprotocol

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/U98ghQsJE5

Telegram: https://t.me/zecrey

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