Zecrey in Metaverse: Analysis of Privacy Protection

  • Identity: Every participant can create a self-difined character which is unnecessary to be relevant with the identity in real-lives.
  • Friends: This attribute means that everyone in the metaverse can find or form their own social circle and enjoy it.
  • Immersion: Immersion has so far been a neglected part of human-computer interaction. Although it is often mentioned in the game environment, it can also be used when you read a particularly fascinating book, or when you watch a movie or TV show. Have such an experience. However, the feeling of being immersed in a book or movie is very different from the feeling of being immersed in a game. In most media, players will perceive a character with the development of the plot rather than external influences, because the character’s personality has been determined by the author or director. On the contrary, in the game, the player’s control of the game character and this sense of substitution become an important factor affecting the game environment.
  • Low Latency: Game latency is the speed at which data is returned from the game client to the server. The better the network status, the faster the server response; the fewer the number of users, the lower the latency will be. In some games that require rapid response, such as competitive and RPG battles, delay has a great impact on the game. The latency in Roblox is very low, because they are all low pixel levels, and the granularity is very coarse. At this time, the amount of calculation is a little smaller, and ordinary computers can also bear it. If the picture is very fine, the speed of many computers simply cannot meet the requirements.
  • Diversity: The metaverese must have freedom and diversity beyond reality.
  • Anywhere: Not restricted by location, any user can use the specific terminal to enter and exit the metaverse anytime, anywhere.
  • Economic System: Roblox has its own economic system. When there were enough players and game developers on the platform, in 2008, the company stopped its own game development and launched the virtual currency Robux on the platform. In 2013, Roblox provided developers with virtual goods. After that, Roblox continued to optimize this real-world currency trading system. For developers, Roblox can be earned in four ways, namely, selling paid games developed by themselves, earning players’ time sharing on free games developed by themselves, paying transactions for content and tools between developers, and selling virtual games on the platform. For example, 21-year-old Alex started to create games on Roblox at the age of 9. When he was 17 years old, he made a game “Prison Break” which was played 4 billion times in total, relying on the skins and props in this game. Waiting for sales, Alex can earn millions of dollars every year.
  • Civilization: Roblox also has its own civilization system. Several people may form a community. The community forms a big city. Everyone makes common rules, and then they live together in it and evolve into a civilized society, so it is an evolving process.





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