Recap of AMA in BNB Chain Community

AMA Section

1. Can you give us a brief introduction to the Zecrey Protocol for those who are new here?

2. What is the driving force behind the creation of Zecrey? What is it trying to accomplish?

3. Since we are dealing with people’s digital assets, trust and security are probably at the forefront of most people’s minds. Why is it that we can trust Zecrey with that?

4. There are a lot of wallets and layer 2 platforms floating around. What makes Zecrey so special?

5. In terms of multichain support, what exactly does Zecrey support right now?

6. Recently there has been a shift of focus for projects towards creating a more user friendly experience. Has Zecrey done anything in that regards?

7. What is the latest updates for Zecrey? Anything in particular that you would like to share with the community?

8. With the launch of the first half of the mainnet, what else do you have in the pipeline?

Quiz Section

  1. Which community is hosting this AMA with Zecrey right now? (Ans: BNB Chain Community)
  2. What is the two main driving force behind the creation of Zecrey? (Ans: Privacy and creating Crosschain support)
  3. What is the underlying technology that Zecrey uses in layer 2? (Ans: zkrollup)
  4. What is the name of the companies that did the auditing job for Zecrey? (Certik and SlowMist)
  5. Is Zecrey for layer 1 or layer 2 of the blockchain? (Ans: Both)
  6. Does Zecrey support the BNB Chain network right now? (Ans: Yes)
  7. Which part of Zecrey has officially launched its mainnet, layer 1 or layer 2? (Ans: Layer 1)




Next generation Web3 Crosschain Wallet.

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Zecrey Protocol

Zecrey Protocol

Next generation Web3 Crosschain Wallet.

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