Private Cross-Chain Bridge in Zecrey

  • Zecrey is a general cross-chain privacy protocol based on the account model.
  • Zecrey enables one-to-many private transactions, which is a creative move towards transaction performance improvement. Additionally, Zecrey achieves one-click private transfer at the layer-1 level.
  • The number of privacy transactions for each user in the same round is no longer restricted, leading to high TPS of the protocol.
  • Composite zero-knowledge proofs are utilized to provide high performance for the protocol. Through this technology, the protocol can realize the millisecond-level computing privacy proof on the mobile phone, which reflects the superior practicality of Zecrey.
  • Zecrey achieves interoperability between any blockchains through the cross-chain bridge and supports cross-chain privacy assets swap.
  • Zecrey is a decentralized asset aggregator for both layer-1 and layer-2, which implements the aggregation of similar assets for users, and can realize the free flow of assets through cross-chain bridges, providing users with intuitive asset management views.
  • Through ZK-Rollup, Zecrey can achieve lower handling fees, higher security level, higher TPS, and second-level cross-chain swap.





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