Introduction to the usage of Zecrey Multi-chain L1 Wallet


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Zecrey wallet extension installation

Create an account

  • Launch the Zecrey wallet
  • Click on Get Started
  • Click on Create New Wallet
  • Enter a password
  • Click on Create
  • Click on Click here to reveal secret words
  • Click on Next
  • Confirm the backup phrase
  • Click on Confirm

Claiming test tokens

Claiming test tokens with Zecrey Faucet

  • In the first time use you are prompted to claim test tokens. Click on Claim to open the Zecrey Faucet Website (Zecrey Testnet Faucet)
  • Click on Connect Wallet. Choose the account you want to claim with.
  • On Zecrey faucet website, there is a faucet list of five testnets. Choose one network and claim.
  • Select the network where you have native tokens (Refer to the important Notice section for precisions) and claim
  • Pay some gas fees
  • Check received test tokens on Zecrey L1 wallet

Using Official faucets of five chains for L1 gas fee

Zecrey L1 Wallet Usage

Multi-chain Assets Management



Lock/Unlock Assets

Why choose Zecrey over other Wallets or bridge solutions?




Next generation Web3 Crosschain Wallet.

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Zecrey Protocol

Zecrey Protocol

Next generation Web3 Crosschain Wallet.

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