Introducing Zecrey Labs’ Latest Innovations: Kontos Protocol and zkLegend

Zecrey Protocol
6 min readJun 21, 2023

One Account, Infinite Possibilities.


Zecrey Labs introduces Kontos Protocol, a revolutionary zero-knowledge layer-2 account protocol, and zkLegend[previously Zecrey Legend], an L2 omnichain NFT marketplace built on top of Kontos, providing simplified user experiences, enhanced security, and seamless cross-chain interactions in the world of blockchain.


In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, Zecrey Labs has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our newest offerings that will shape the future of decentralized ecosystems: Kontos Protocol and zkLegend (previously known as Zecrey Legend). These cutting-edge solutions are designed to address the pain points users face when entering the blockchain world and provide enhanced experiences that empower individuals and businesses.

1. Addressing User Pain Points in the Blockchain World

Entering the blockchain world can be a daunting task for many users. Complexities such as managing seed phrases, dealing with gas tokens, and navigating intricate wallet setups can act as barriers to widespread adoption. At Zecrey Labs, we recognize these pain points and are committed to simplifying the onboarding process for users of all levels of expertise.

2. Introducing Kontos Protocol

Kontos Protocol is our groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes cross-chain interoperability. It enables seamless asset management across different blockchains, eliminating the need for users to grapple with the complexities of multiple accounts and protocols. With Kontos Protocol, users gain unparalleled control and convenience in handling their digital assets.

3 Steps to create an account on Kontos

By leveraging advanced technologies, Kontos Protocol simplifies and enhances the user experience. It provides a unified account model with Account Abstraction (AA), eliminating the burden of managing seed phrases and gas tokens. This user-centric approach ensures a hassle-free and secure interaction with various blockchain networks.

Kontos: Bridging users and dApps across multichains

Kontos utilizes the power of Zero-Knowledge to offer matchless security and streamline cross-chain user interaction seamlessly. Kontos has an advanced infrastructure that makes it possible to remove the bottlenecks of the traditional blockchain system and offer unique and highly reliable solutions that any user with any technical background can quickly adapt to.

Kontos has enabled the use of a single asset across multiple chains, removing the complexity of managing numerous assets across various chains; users can easily interact with different blockchains with only one account and one asset as gas token for all chains.

Therefore, a user can not only use blockchain-based decentralized applications straightforwardly but also can quickly enter the world of Web3.

The key features that Kontos offers:

  • Universal Web3 Account Protocol

Benefit from a unified and standardized approach to managing your digital assets and identities across multiple blockchain networks. Enjoy enhanced security and interoperability features that are built into the Kontos Protocol.

  • Your Gateway to Blockchain Multiverse

Kontos is your secure and seamless gateway to the blockchain multiverse. Connect with millions of users and enjoy seamless secure interactions across all chains, without the need for multiple wallets or technical configurations.

  • Seamless Interoperability Across All Blockchains

Use your Kontos account to seamlessly interact with any blockchain network. Take advantage of advanced cross-chain technologies to unlock new possibilities and explore the full potential of the blockchain multiverse.

Kontos connects blockchains

In short, Kontos Protocol is a revolutionary zero-knowledge-based layer-2 account protocol that transforms the way users interact with blockchains. Its superior architecture offers numerous features that enhance user experience and security. By enabling gas-less transactions, asset-less operations, and key-less account management, Kontos Protocol simplifies the usability of blockchain-based applications.

3. Unveiling zkLegend on Kontos

zkLegend was formally known as Zecrey Legend, one of the key products of Zecrey Labs.

zkLegend is a Layer2 NFT marketplace solution powered by zkRollup technology that offers high scalability, robust security, and seamless user experience. Utilizing the power of zkRollup, zkLegend proudly ensures speedy transactions (within milliseconds), very low, even zero gas fee, and similar security as underlying Layer1.

zkLegend mainnet will operates on Kontos. Built on top of Kontos Protocol, zkLegend represents Zecrey Labs’ commitment to providing users with a cutting-edge NFT marketplace.

By benefiting from the account abstraction (AA) and cross-chain features of Kontos, zkLegend becomes an omnichain NFT marketplace, enabling users to explore and trade NFTs across various blockchain networks with ease.

4. The Vision and Future of Zecrey Labs

At Zecrey Labs, we have a bold vision for the future of blockchain technology. We are committed to pushing the boundaries, addressing industry challenges, and creating solutions that empower individuals and businesses. With Kontos Protocol and zkLegend, we take a significant step towards achieving our vision.

Our journey doesn’t end here. We will continue to innovate and develop new solutions that elevate the user experience and promote widespread blockchain adoption. The Zecrey Labs team is passionate about creating a future where blockchain technology is accessible, secure, and user-friendly.

5. What’s Next

  • The Alpha Mainnet of Kontos Chain will be ready today
  • The extension wallet of Kontos has been submitted to Chrome Web Store, it will be accessible in recent days
  • Mobile app for Kontos will be released soon after extension wallet
  • zkLegend mainnet will be live on Kontos
  • zkLegend Genesis NFT will be claimable after zkLegend mainnet launch

🚀 The Alpha Mainnet of Kontos Chain is launching today, bringing a new era of decentralized account management and cross-chain interactions.

💻 The Kontos extension wallet has been submitted to the Chrome Web Store and will be accessible in the coming days, providing seamless access to the Kontos ecosystem.

📱 Stay tuned for the release of the Kontos Web app, coming shortly after the extension wallet, allowing users to manage their accounts on the go.

Disclaimer: Kontos wallet is still an early-stage product on the Alpha Mainnet. We highly recommend users to register a new account and only make a small amount of deposit to use the Kontos’ functionality during its early stage. While we strive to minimize potential risks and ensure that the platform is secure, we must emphasize that all risks are ultimately borne by the user.

Currently, all of Kontos’ contracts, chains, upgrade permissions, etc. remain with the team. We plan to gradually open source our code in the near future. This will allow for greater transparency and collaboration, and we are excited about the potential for community-driven innovation and look forward to collaborating with developers and experts from around the world.

6. Conclusion

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Zecrey Labs introduces Kontos Protocol and zkLegend as powerful tools that simplify the onboarding process, enhance security, and drive blockchain adoption. These groundbreaking innovations reflect our dedication to creating user-centric solutions that bridge the gap between users and the endless possibilities of the blockchain world. Stay tuned for more updates and developments from Zecrey Labs as we shape the future of decentralized ecosystems together.

The future of blockchain and decentralized finance is unfolding, and Zecrey Labs is at the forefront of these groundbreaking developments. Stay connected for more exciting updates!


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