How does the Zecrey Protocol protect account privacy?

  • Partially homomorphic encryption (PHE) [4]: PHE means that users can perform a specific operation (such as addition or multiplication) on the ciphertext indefinitely. Standard algorithms that use partially homomorphic encryption schemes include RSA, ElGamal encryption algorithm (with multiplicative homomorphism), and Paillier encryption algorithm [5] (with additive homomorphism).
  • Somewhat homomorphic encryption (SHE) [6]: SHE supports limited operations (for example, addition or multiplication) up to a certain complexity, but these operations can only be performed a certain number of times. This is the pioneer of fully homomorphic encryption.
  • Fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) [7]: This encryption scheme satisfies the properties of additive homomorphism and multiplication homomorphism at the same time. Users can use any effective computable function (such as addition and multiplication) in FHE. Unlike other forms of homomorphic encryption, it can handle arbitrary calculations of ciphertext.




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