BetaMars announces partnership with Zecrey

Zecrey Protocol
2 min readJun 15, 2022

We are excited to announce our partnership with BetaMars. This highly decentralized metaverse project with new social order has won the 1st in the community round and the 3rd in the final round of BNB Chain & DoraHacks Revelation hackathon recently. The partnership aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. BetaMars team will integrate Zecrey’s multi-chain wallet where users can join the free and open metaverse world. Through Zecrey wallet, users can easily manage multi-chain assets and conduct cross-chain transactions to move assets between chains.
  2. We will also work with BetaMars to explore the solution of directly issuing NFT assets on Zecrey Layer 2. The NFT assets issued via Zecrey Layer 2 are naturally multi-chain support; at the same time, we can also provide cross-chain solutions for existing NFT assets issued on Layer 1.

About BetaMars

BetaMars is a metaverse project created by global metaverse enthusiasts with the same goal: to build a highly decentralized, open and free parallel world. The whole world is constructed by multiple stages. In BetaMars 1.0, Lords and Miners will construct the foundation of the world based on land and appendant resources. In the later 2.0 and more versions, players will explore the civilization construction in BetaMars where more elements such as SLG, RPG, UGC, etc. will be introduced and combined.

BetaMars shows more elements in human nature, which means that passions and emotions bestowed on the game make the codes warmer and more dynamic. With the world’s development, every participant has the opportunity to lead the direction of BetaMars and build a dream homeland in this world.


About Zecrey

​​Zecrey is a zkRollup based Layer 2 privacy protocol aiming to bring scalability, privacy, and assets aggregation to multi-chain networks secured by ZKP. Zecrey brings blockchain communities a simple and private way to use efficient cross-chain protocols based on Zero-knowledge (zk) Roll-Ups, including aggregation and managing digital assets across different chains, like BNB Chain, Ethereum, Near, Solana, etc.

Zecrey enables its users to easily manage, exchange, and bridge assets across multiple chains by lighting fast transaction confirmation and privacy protection. And users can view and play around with virtually all their digital assets in one wallet.