Announcing the Sunset of Zecrey Wallet

Zecrey Protocol
3 min readFeb 4, 2024

We’re reaching a pivotal moment as we sunset our Zecrey Wallet, operational since January 2022, and realign our focus to the Kontos Protocol. The Zecrey Wallet journey has been remarkable, with tens of thousands of users contributing to its evolution. But as we advance, we’re channeling our energies into the next phase of our blockchain innovation.

Zecrey Protocol, known as a zk-Rollup based Layer 2 protocol, offers both privacy and scalability. The wallet encompasses multiple Layer 1s and two distinctive Zecrey-native Layer 2s: Zecrey Zero, known for privacy, and Zecrey Legend, our platform for NFT issuance and marketplace. Our suite of products, including the Zecrey browser extension, mobile app, and web application, has been received well by our users.

Important Steps for Users

We have removed the Zecrey browser plugin from the Chrome Web Store, and the mobile app will no longer be downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Furthermore, the Zecrey Legend NFT Marketplace is currently under maintenance. Looking ahead, Zecrey Legend, including the L2 and NFT Marketplace, is being rebranded to zkLegend and will emerge as the pioneering omnichain NFT Marketplace in the Kontos ecosystem.

Although the Zecrey Wallet will no longer be available in app stores, it will continue to function on your devices until we formally decommission it. To facilitate a smooth transition, we are providing a 60-day window before services cease after March 31st. We urge users to export their private keys or seed phrases by this date to retain access to their Zecrey Wallet addresses. Detailed guidance for the process of exporting private key and recovery phrase is available in our handbook, and our team is ready to assist you through Discord or Telegram for any issues that arise.

The addresses generated in the Zecrey Wallet are EVM-compatible, ensuring seamless integration with all mainstream EOA web3 wallets. Once you export your seed phrase or private key into an alternative wallet, you can continue utilizing your addresses for blockchain transactions as usual. Rest assured that all your assets within the Zecrey Wallet are safeguarded and will remain unaffected, even when the Zecrey Wallet service goes offline. As we at Zecrey Labs do not have any form of access to your recovery phrase or private key, the security of your assets hinges on the confidentiality of these credentials. It is imperative to protect your seed phrase or private key during the export process and avoid disclosing them to ensure your assets’ security.

Please be cautious of any fraudulent applications or web pages that may attempt to impersonate Zecrey Labs products. Now that Zecrey Wallet is going offline, we remind you to access our products exclusively through the official Zecrey website and verify any links or downloads purportedly from Zecrey.

The Journey Continues

The closure of Zecrey Wallet is not an end but a new beginning. Zecrey Labs is undergoing a strategic pivot to enhance the Kontos Protocol, which debuted on the mainnet on June 30th, 2023. Our team is dedicated to pioneering next-generation web3 solutions with relentless technological innovation.

Kontos, our zk-based intent-centric omnichain asset management protocol, is crafted for a seamless user experience, embodying the high standards set by Zecrey Labs. Experience Kontos through our Web App, the Kontos Bot on Discord or Telegram, or the Kontos Extension.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all Zecrey Wallet users. Your early support has been instrumental in reaching this juncture. We invite you to continue this exciting journey with Kontos and anticipate more groundbreaking offerings from Zecrey Labs.


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